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K30 3-roll Poly Stand Single Collapsible Rolling Rack

Our K30 - 3 Roll poly stand are perfect for your drop store or plant assembly area.

The base is made of a sturdy 1" square tubing. It holds three sizes of poly rolls. The Bagging jack will adjust to any height without returning to the "down" position. It will adjusts from 39" to 68".

Using it's silent and smooth operation the foot release allows the raised rod to drop quietly to a cushioned stop.

****Please Note: This is a very heavy product to ship, their will be an extra freight charge of $7.50/ per case to ship.****

Add instant extra space witout the bulky storage!

Made of 1" diameter chrome polished tubing this rolling clothes rack is perfect for on the road salespeople or in the home as a standing coat rack. It will assemble in minutes and folds down to 6" high to fit in the trunk of a car, or in a closet.

All our single collapsible racks are 48" long and height adjustable to 55", 60, or 65". The 48" hanger bar has 12" extension rods on each side to give a total of 72" of rack space. 4 ball-bearing casters will help for easy movement.

When your done using it, simply fold it down and put it away until next time.

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Z-Rack X-Style Laundry Bag Holder

Z-Racks have been a standard in the Apparel Fabricare, Manufacturing, and Retail Industries for decades.

For those of you unfamiliar with a Z-Rack, it is quite possibly the most widely used Rolling Garment Rack or Rolling Clothes Rack for hanging garments in use today.

Our Nestable "Z" Rack are used by many of the largest commercial laundries, apparel manufacturers, and retail stores in America

Their uses include:

  • Retail Sales
  • Distribution
  • Dry Cleaning Racks
  • Commercial Laundry Racks
  • Band Uniform Racks
  • Costume Racks
  • Choir Robe Racks
  • Bridal Gown Racks

Even homeowners are now finding out the benefits of having a "Z" Rack for seasonal storage, additional closet space, or as a rack for hanging garments and sorting in their laundry rooms.

Space saving is easy using our SUPER-STRONG X-Style laundry bag holder.

It's innovative frame design allows it to be used anywhere when needed, or just fold it up flat when not in use*.

*(X-Style laundry bag pictured with our 30" x 40" nylon bags)

(30" x 40" laundry bags sold separately)

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