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Drycleaning & Laundry Marking Pens Newhouse Drycleaning & Laundry Marking Pen

Our Marking Pen is our general purpose dry cleaning marking pen.

12 pens per box

The Ink in this pen is what makes them so superior to other brands.

This exclusive KD7 ink does not wash, bleach or dryclean out. In use all over the world. The KD7 ink used in our pens is non toxic and meets state institutional requirements.

Guaranteed to deliver the best results possible.

12 pens per box.

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Sharpie/Rub-A-Dub® Laundry Pen Dye Pencils Set of 36

Our Sharpie/Rub-A-Dub® Laundry Pen Won’t launder out, even after repeated hot water washings.

It's unique Porous-tip won’t spread or feather on cloth.

One quick stroke deposits the Black ink permanently on the shirt.

Our Dye pencil set* are use as a temporary touch up on color loss areas.

By using one or more, you can perfectly match the dye in the garment.

Can be spotted with solvent.

***Please read all Instructions with each package.***

*This item is a special order, and will be shipped separately from your regular order.

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